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Monday, December 19, 2011

it`s holiday!!!

okey dah start my winter holiday2011...n mlm nih insyaAllah akn bertolak ke Hull naek cruise ke Belgium utk 3hari 2mlm...xtaw mcm mne naek cruise mse sejuk2 nih..doakan smoga selamat semuanya... lps tuh balik smula ke Lancaster and insyaAllah akn tour around uk....Lancaster-London-Leicester-Sheffield-Lancaster.... sampai balik kat Lnacaster dlm 3.1.2012....
" Maka tidak pernahkan mereka berjalan dibumi, sehingga hati(akal) mereka dapat memahami, telinga mereka dpt mndengar? Sebenarnya bukan mata itu yang buta, tetapi yg buta ialah hati di dalam dada."
sampai ketemu lagi...=)

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Apologised to all who keep waiting me to update this blog....recently it`s quite busy with all coursework that need to be submit evry week and nowdays its feel like more lazy to write anything in the blog...believe or not until now about 8week i already at here my weeknd always full...evry week there must be somthing that need to be done ar maybe i`m not at my room what am i doing exactly? i`ve got no idea too hahaha...and i`ve got no time to watch any movie or drama or it`s been quite a long time since i  not watch any korean series compare to since i`m at college...and another things there only 2week more efore i start my holiday yipppiiii.can`t wait for that since its already 8week i started my 2nd year without a break!!!....and before i start my holiday i need to do design and modelling myself to create my own class for java programming and i need to submit more assignment...that`s why i want vacation so muchhhhhh....okey after this i need to go to some people house to celebrate Aqiqah for their daughter...and this is one more productive weeknd insyaAllah.. hopefully i can be realllyyyyy patient to finish 2more week of classes!!!....