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Monday, December 13, 2010



skrg dah 13/12/10...almost 2month have been here...
Alhamdunillah Allah give me this oppurtunity
still in process to adapt here especially the weather
17/12/10 start holiday
i`m not going anywhere this winter break even Paris,Italy,Spain or any Europe country
but all my friends going there.
i dont feel like going anywhere even travel around Uk.
no money laaaa save the money to buy ticket..going back to Malaysia nxt year =)Amin
now its not snowing anymore. during jan n feb it will snowing vry heavly
cannot wait to make large snowman.
its nearly christmas so this matsaleh people tend to be very busy shopping.
at town there were so many people on the road..very busy.
guess what?chocolate is everywhere n it very CHEAP
at Msia u get for rm25 n here u can get only rm5
so u know why people get fat here =( (redho)

gambar hnya hiasan semata2....

ohh yer...b4 forget... i have exam in january so that why i dont feel like going travel this break... this Thursday i have presentation to front of this people...ALONE....1st time...waaaa wish me goodluck n hope going smoothly....i miss Malaysia n u guys...