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Saturday, August 28, 2010

university accomodation

recently i had juz received emel from my university bout my place there..i thought maybe for 1st year i study there i would like to try to stay at hall..but my others few friends choose to rent now only me,dai n meera will stay at hall..hall is juz like asrama but there is a major difference btween Msia n Uk...why??? a lot of diference trust me...3 of us apply for Furness Hall but recently dai got another hall...Bowland Hall n now we waiting for sad.....very sad indeed...its very diffrence bcoz at Uk... i will living with other matsaleh from mixed gender...can u imagine boys n girl living under same roof but definitely difference room.. we will share same kitchen, toilet...`O Allah give me Your strength` this is cobaan.....i really hope i can survive with alcoholic n matsaleh this is a few picture taken at their website bout my future room
 ok why i choose this standard room bcoz its very cheap compare to others room...$74 per WEEK....per week u know..fuhhh..complete with heater,water,internet, Malaysia bout rm370 per week...mhl orhh...but this just with below:

 this 2picture is en-suite room price about $90 means rm 450 per week.....
dai blik ko cmni kan...knpom aku tiap2 mnggu g lepak...besar n selesa rite?

this 2 plak is studio room the expensive n comfortable room
price: $112=rm560 per week
lengkap with kitchen, toilet, oven at kan kalu kaya huhhu

but i think its okay bcoz i want to save my budget n used the money for another purposes like shopping or travelling maybe.huhuhuh....but i hope that i can survive at new environment...plez pray for me....lastly welcome to FURNESS HALL