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Friday, January 13, 2012

term2 in my second year..and new scheme

lagi 3hari i will start my second term in my second year...rasa terlalu cpt cuti dah nk abes dah pon.. cuti sebulan next cuti bln 4 la nnti..3bln bljr sebulan cuti pastu bljr cuti pastu exam then balik woohooo...okey utk new term nih i`ll decide to change my major course. Before this i took Bsc. Hons in Physics and this new term i take Bsc. Hons in Physics with AstroPhysics and SpaceScience. Sound like awesome but i know it must be very challenging..I got an option to just stay in my old degree scheme but i just don`t like the heavy lab experiment that i must go through if i take the straight Physics..just imagine from 10am until 5pm no break!!! last year 3hours of lab expermnt really make me kind a serabut so i just cant` imagine 7hours of lab exprmnt with lab report n etc... i don`t` know bout this new degree scheme that i will learn for this new term until my final year. There will be a project,dissertation and more about that stuff..(@_@). i don`t` know the basic of this module so we`ll see bout that...Basically what i know is that i will learn bout stars,galaxies,outer space n mnde yg mcm sheikh muzafar buat but there is no need for me to go to outer space..hahaha lame...and this space science, it a new course introduce here so basically that there is not so much stuff exprmnt that will be available here...but my future lecturer said that we`ll be observing stars using big telescope in the middle of night..extra work my wish is that i will survive through this new degree scheme and hopefully i can fully understanding whatever they teach pray for me my friends...until we meet again...=)