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Friday, February 18, 2011

congratulations KYUEM

located at Lembah Beringin, highway Rawang-Tanjung Malim, no one except that there will be a college in a middle of jungle. Me neither. my first expression when i saw the college signboard "betol ker kat tgh2 hutan ada kolej? ker salah jalan". when people ask me where do i study Alvel? kolej kat Lembah beringin. and they ask me back " aikkk ade kolej ker kat stu??? the most nearest town is Tanjung Malim but  we want to go to town we need to pay rm50 by taxi....mhl kan kan kan sbb tu kitorg jrg kluar town....n betol la kate our spnsor we put u here in this middle of jungle bcoz of mny reasons n one of it BELAJAR not hanging n out 4 shpping every week....(@_@)
in our Alevel examination June 2010 last year 7 of our students managed to score excellent result best in world and Msia. They are:

1.Lee Chin Wei- Top in Msia for AS Phycho (my chemistry tablemates very smart studnt indeed
 2.See Tian Fenf- Top in Msia for A level further Maths
3. Syahir Mafudz- Top in Msia for A level Economics
4.Mohd Azriff Mohd Zuhurin- Top in the world for AS Maths
5. Muhamad Faiz Zubadli- Top in the world for A level Maths
 6. Soh Jiaming- Top in Msia for AS Accounting
 7. Farid Farhan Sahimi- Top in Msia for Computing
bijak2 la budak2 nih.....aisyhhhh......tahniah.....we kyuemians proud of u...